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Your Northern New Jersey area home is more than just a place you live; it’s a place where your life grows and memories are made. Creating a new home tailored to your unique needs and remodeling your current home can add space, value, and enjoyment no matter which project you choose.

Here's how Forge Hill Construction can help:

Custom Homes

Custom Home Builder in Northern New Jersey- Forge Hill ConstructionWhy live in a house that isn’t suited to your needs and lifestyle? Used homes and cookie-cutter new homes were designed for someone else, but when you design a custom home built to your exact specifications, you can be sure that everything that matters to you most is included. Just the way you like! Want to completely start from scratch on the site of an existing home? We also do knock down rebuilds.

Home Additions

Home Additions in Northern New Jersey by Forge Hill ConstructionDo you love your home but wish you had more space? A room addition may be exactly what you’re looking for! Many families simply outgrow their homes, and opt to move, when the addition or expansion on their current home would have been cheaper, and less of a hassle. Popular room additions include new bedrooms, dens, living rooms, dining rooms, great rooms, studies and studios.


Home Renovations in Northern New Jersey by Forge Hill ConstructionDoes your Northern New Jersey area home need a makeover? Does you need more space? At Forge Hill Construction Inc. we understand that living comfortably is important to our customers, but moving into a new home can be a hassle. Renovating your current home is a great way to add space, value, and enjoyment without the stress of moving.

Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling Services in Northern New Jersey by Forge Hill ConstructionKitchens and Bathrooms are two of the most important and highly used areas of your Morris County home. As a result, they can get worn down faster than other rooms in the house. Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom can add space, increase functionality, and make your time in either area much more enjoyable!

Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling Services in Northern New Jersey by Forge Hill ConstructionWe understands the challenges of remodeling your commercial space. Your bottom line is just as important as aesthetics and functionality of the project. Remaining on time and on budget, and minimizing disruption to your workflow are all critical. A well-managed and well-executed remodeling project will increase productivity, space utilization, and capacity within your business. We'll also help you design and build the perfect new commercial space for your business.

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