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extra roomIf you're lucky enough to live in a spacious home with an extra room, you have many options for creating a useful, fun, or productive place in your house. From playrooms to home offices, extra rooms afford you the option of remodeling the space to accommodate its new use, as well as clearing out old items you might not use anymore.

If you have a few unused rooms in your home or just one extra room waiting for ideas, here are a few ways you can update the room, so it's useful for your family.

Create a Dressing Room or Huge Closet

Whether you have tons of clothing or just a moderate number of clothes, having an extra room dedicated to clothing and dressing in the morning before work or school can offer several benefits that include:

  1. Relaxation – Decorate the room in soothing colors and enjoy a calm and peaceful area in which to dress each morning.
  2. Planning – Easily choose clothing for the next day and hang it in a convenient area for the next morning where it won't get misplaced.
  3. Remodeling – Update the room with new flooring, carpeting, wall hangings, and other features alongside the installation of beautiful mirrors and other items to make getting ready in the morning most enjoyable.
  4. Space – Free up some space in the closet within your bedroom for other items like sports equipment you use for a hobby.

Creating a large closet in a bedroom often works well in a very small bedroom that's almost too small to be considered a full-sized extra room but which would represent a waste of space if it wasn't used for something by the family. If the space is large, the dressing room can even function as a morning room with a chair, some books, and a place to set a coffee mug or cup of tea.

Design an Indoor Garden in Your Home

Many families choose to create a home office or a guest bedroom, but a family that enjoys gardening may want to consider a planting room or a room for small gardening projects. The blog at Naders reveals:

"If someone in your family has a green thumb, repurposing your sunroom as a planting room can be a great way to make use of an otherwise underutilized space. Having a room specifically for repotting plants and other gardening tasks will eliminate the need to transport gardening materials to and from a crowded shed, saving time and energy. Your potting soil, empty pots, spades, and garden shears will always be there when you need them."

If you're remodeling a kitchen and have an extra room off the side to create a planting room, you can transform an area that used to hold your washer and dryer and create a planting room. Then, you can relocate the washer and dryer to a position that's closer to the bedrooms (perhaps upstairs if you're in a two-story house). Having a laundry room next to the bedrooms is highly convenient.

In addition to creating an extra room where a family member can take care of plants and prepare them for outdoor use, a planting room can also offer a nice, peaceful area to relax with all the greenery and plants each afternoon.

Create a Beautiful New Room in Your Home

Are you thinking about doing something new and interesting with an extra room in your home? Get in touch with Forge Hill Construction to begin your home remodeling journey. We offer years of experience, creativity, and know-how in transforming homes into beautiful new spaces. Let us help you design the best new room in your home by giving us a call at 1-973-627-2811, or use our contact us form to ask questions and get started on your bathroom remodel.