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time to renovateSometimes it's obvious that it's time to renovate a home, and it might even hit the market as a "fixer upper" where the new owner must commit thousands of dollars to create a habitable space. However, not all renovation projects stem from such obvious circumstances.

Homeowners who remain in the same house for decades might not realize how much better their everyday lives could be with some renovations to heavily-used areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and common areas.

Here are a few things to think about if you're trying to figure out whether it's time to remodel your home or some parts of it.

Awkward Layouts Improved by Knocking Down a Wall

One of the popular concepts in modern home building is the "open concept" feel where the kitchen, living room, and sometimes the entryway are all enclosed in a large space without much in the way of walls. Older homes and those built shortly after WWII during the suburban housing boom often feature winding hallways and small, tight rooms.

A renovation project that removes a wall or two could create an open feel to a house that feels too small. Sometimes, a remodeling project can help a family find the space they need to enjoy the home without moving to a new, larger residence.

Apartment Therapy makes a good point about layout and remodeling a kitchen:

"A poor layout can make working in a kitchen very inconvenient, while other features, like the range top islands that were so popular in the '80s, can be downright dangerous. (Imagine a child or passerby catching the handle of a pot cooking on the stove — not great.) Whether your layout is truly hazardous or just a bit of a pain, a reconfiguration could be worth it."

Any room in your home can benefit from the rearrangement of walls, features, and storage spaces. Modifying the layout of a house or a few places in your home can come with a hefty price tag, but working with an experienced contractor and adding an architect or designer to your project can help you enjoy the most impressive changes for the lowest overall investment.

Things are Broken, and You're Just Used to It

Over time, things tend to break, and fixing certain facets of your home can come with a significant price tag. Have you been putting up with a few windows that won't open and close easily because of warping? Have you put down rugs on certain floors because of a threadbare carpet?

Housely explains:

"Whether you are bored with your home or wish to increase the value of the property through improvements, remodeling can renew your interest while also improving the functionality of the rooms in your home."

While you may get used to living with parts of your home operating at less than stellar levels, some time spent remodeling can greatly improve the experience you have living in your home. From easily replaced features like appliances, fixtures, and wall paint to significant updates made to things like the plumbing or your roof, the difference can feel like night and day when you complete the project.

Time to Renovate Your Home? Contact Forge Hill Construction

Owning a home can come with plenty of fun and joy, but a house can become a burden when it's no longer a perfect fit for the family or when features inside the home don't work as they should and are dated or broken.

Contact Forge Hill Construction when it's time to renovate your home. We offer years of experience, creativity, and know-how in remodeling and construction. Let us help you design the best home possible by giving us a call at 1-973-627-2811, or use our contact us form to ask questions and get started on your home remodeling project.