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kitchen renovationsKitchen renovations often feature some of the most exciting technology and beautiful features available in modern homes, but there are many ways to redo a kitchen.

Some kitchen renovations may only upgrade the surface features or replace the major appliances and fixtures. Larger renovations might change the location of major elements of the kitchen, as well as replace much of the cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.

Which type of kitchen renovation is best for your home? Here are some reasons to consider each.

Major Kitchen Remodeling Projects

A significant kitchen remodeling project can result in a completely gutted kitchen where absolutely every facet of the kitchen is removed and replaced. Pipes might be moved to accommodate a new layout, the floor might be replaced with an entirely different type, and completely new appliances, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures might be ordered for the project.

This type of significant renovation can lead to an absolutely incredible kitchen, but it can also leave your family with a pretty hefty budget.

Financial advice columnist and speaker Dave Ramsey offers some sage advice for homeowners interested in undertaking a significant renovation in their family's kitchen:

"Make sure you’re not over-improving your kitchen. You won’t be able to recover the costs of your updates—no matter how nice they are—if they make your home the most expensive on the block. If you’re not sure what’s typical for your neighborhood, talk to an expert real estate agent."

If you plan to reside in your home for the next quarter-century while you raise your children, an amazingly luxurious and modern kitchen could provide a beautiful space in which to spend time with the family.

On the other hand, if you feel you might move within the next five years, you might not want to go down to the very foundation in your kitchen improvements. Kitchen renovations meant to increase the value of a home don't necessarily need to have an outrageous price tag.

Small & Moderate Kitchen Renovations

A small and cozy kitchen might be just enough for your family and the way you cook. Perhaps you eat out often, and you don't often use the stove top, and you rarely create dishfuls of dirty dishes.

Do you need a "lux" kitchen, or can you improve your space with just a few, special improvements?

The Kitchn reveals that you can enjoy a beautiful kitchen and not break the bank with the renovations:

"... kitchen renovations, depending on where you live and what you need, start at $10,000 and go way up from there. And yet there is a lot you can do for much less than that amount..."

Rather than spending money on commercial-grade appliances or ultra-expensive features, you can focus on just a few, beautiful items that you might use often. For example, you might choose a stylish farmhouse sink as a simple and beautiful upgrade and install a small drawer-style dishwasher since you don't use that many dishes.

Beautiful Kitchen Renovations With Forge Hill Construction, Inc.

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen? Do you want a beautiful space where you can spend time with your family each evening? Are you interested in upgrading your kitchen to something that looks like it was from this century rather than the last?

We’ve got the know-how and the experience to help you create a fabulous new space for you and your family. Let us help you design the best new kitchen by giving us a call at 1-973-627-2811, or use our contact us form to ask questions and get started on your kitchen remodel.