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remodeling vs. renovationYou may see the terms "remodel" and "renovate" used interchangeably on various websites that provide information about updating and repairing homes and businesses but is there a difference between remodeling vs. renovation? A general phrase used by television personalities is "home improvement," and it's a phrase you'll also hear from companies like Home Depot and Lowes, which specialize in the vague industry of "home improvement" rather than a specific type of construction on existing buildings.

What Does Renovation Mean for Home Improvement?

Renovation is a term that, when used for improving a home, means to "restore" a structure. If you buy a dilapidated house that needs a new roof and replacement of various systems in the home (perhaps a new plumbing system or an update to the electrical system), you'll undertake a renovation to bring the home back to a livable state.

A renovation may improve just a small facet of the structure, or it may entail an update just about everything in the home. For example, you may contact a roofer to replace the leaky roof on your house. Your contractor or roofer will "renovate" the roof by repairing or replacing the existing roof.

You may have a 30-year-old asphalt shingle roof that requires serious replacement with new asphalt shingles, or you might need some new shingles in certain areas of your 10-year-old roof where you've experienced more wear than you have in other areas (the sunny side of your roof, for example, may wear faster than the shady size if you live in a hot area).

Remember: Renovation means repairing or restoring an existing feature on your home or business structure.

What Does Remodel Mean for Home Improvement?

When you remodel a home or business, the process involves a significant change to the structure of the home with a completely new design or material. A dramatic update to your home that changes it from a cookie-cutter house in a planned subdivision to an ultra-modern home with a completely different layout and appearance would be described as a major remodeling project.

A remodel may change the appearance of a part of your home – perhaps you decide to install Mediterranean-style tiles on your roof as a replacement for the standard asphalt tiles. Maybe you remodel your kitchen from an old and dated seventies-style space to a French country-style kitchen with modern appliances and homey cabinetry and decor.

A remodel may also refer to the changing of a room's purpose or a modification of its layout. Switching the location of all the devices in your bathroom (the shower, tub, toilet, and sink) with a new layout would be referred to as a bathroom remodeling project. Putting an extension on your home and changing the living room into a new kitchen would also fall under the heading of remodel project.

Remodeling vs. Renovation: Is One Better Than the Other?

Circumstances may dictate that you undertake a renovation of your home when you wish to simply update or repair one part of it. For example, you may renovate the kitchen by resurfacing the cabinets, replacing the old laminate counters with new laminate, and updating the old linoleum flooring to a newer and more eco-friendly version.

On the other hand, you may decide to remodel your kitchen with completely new cabinets, an upgraded countertop from laminate to quartz, and a classy tile floor updated from the old linoleum. Your goals for improving your space will usually dictate which type of home improvement project you undertake, and your home contractor in Northern New Jersey can provide either service.

Realtor.com suggests there's usually a price difference in each type of project:

"In general, renovations are the cheaper route, because you're only altering surface details."

However, the advice isn't true in absolutely every circumstance. Your renovation might be more expensive than a remodel because of the scarcity of replacing a particular type of material. For example, replacing a marble floor with a new marble floor during a renovation would probably cost more than replacing a marble floor with a laminate option.

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