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remodeling for more spaceA family can outgrow a small home and feel that a move to a new house is the only solution, but there are some simple options for remodeling for more space to make the house feel less cramped.

Remodeling can take the form of a significant expansion of the home's footprint to create more interior space, as well as the rearrangement of the existing floor plan to create a home with more usable square footage.

Remodel for Better Storage Options

Homeowners who don't have enough space to significantly enlarge the footprint of a house do have the option of increasing the square footage of the home by building upward. A single-story home can become a two-story house with a major remodeling plan.

Or, the home's layout may be modified by moving or removing walls and modifying features like staircases. An article from Curbed on renovating small spaces reveals:

"...hallways, stairwells, and walkways through rooms can be major space hogs."

Getting creative with the layout of a home can help create more space when walls are eliminated or when hallways become superfluous or unneeded.

One simple solution that homeowners may employ when the construction crew has finished their remodeling work is to buy different couches and furniture that double up with storage, as well as a place to sit. No ottoman should ever have a solid core, and all the couches should feature storage along the bottom or within the armrests.

Finding Even More Space After Remodeling

Adding physical space to a house isn't the only way to make your home feel spacious. Avoiding a cluttered lifestyle – whether your home is huge or tiny – might mean taking a look at your closet space and the way your house uses its nooks and crannies.

One of the best places to tackle is the closet, where you can add hanging rods and extra drawers to maximize how much room you have to hide and store clothing.

Regarding inconvenient spaces and "nooks," an article from Better Homes & Gardens reveals:

"...they may, in fact, be the best solutions to your storage conundrums. For example, you might think that floor-to-ceiling storage is the only way to maximize organization, but even shorter spots... offer loads of traditional-depth drawer space, and slim open shelves are perfect for narrow baskets and a television."

Creating extra storage space can have the positive effect of creating more room in the common areas of the home, which can help the family feel like the home has more square footage, even if its overall size isn't much larger than a condo or an apartment. Remodeling for more space is a project that can happen in a variety of ways.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Second Story?

Houses with limited yard space may prove challenging to enlarge, but adding a second story can offer a solution for remodeling for more space.

According to Home Advisor, "building up" is something to consider:

"For this type of addition, you add a room to the second story, or you could add an entire second story onto a one-story home. Even though your contractor won't need to create a new foundation, he may need to strengthen the existing foundation to support the extra weight. On the downside, you need to check your town's rules to make sure you're not limited in the height of your home."

An experienced contractor who regularly builds custom homes and home additions, as well as completes renovations of kitchens and bathrooms will know whether a town's rules prohibit or allow homes of a certain height.

Remodeling for More Space With Forge Hill Construction

Do you want more space in your home? Is it time to put an extra room on your house? Want to investigate a home addition or custom home?

We’ve got the know-how and the experience to help you create an amazing new space for you and your family. Let us help you design the best addition for your home by giving us a call at 1-973-627-2811, or use our contact us form to ask questions and get started on your home remodel.