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kitchen featuresFinding the must-have kitchen features for your kitchen remodel means conducting a little research into the type of features that may benefit your family most, the overall budget you have for the project, and whether you might sell your home in the future.

From surface features like the colors of the floors, cabinets, and countertops, to hardware and appliances, there are several decisions to make regarding the design and functionality of your kitchen. Here are some of the most innovative and convenient features you may wish to consider for your future kitchen remodel.

Dishwashers in a Drawer

New dishwashers offer incredibly efficient options for getting your dishes washed, and they can outdo any efforts you undertake in hand-washing your dishes. However, water-saving dishwashers aren't the only welcome features of today's appliances. One of the most exciting designs that can also come in a stylish design is the two-drawer dishwasher.

According to Southern Living:

"No more dishes in the kitchen sink! Load one while the other washes or just run a quick load of glasses. Two-drawer dishwashers are a favorite in kitchen cleanup. Install in addition to your regular dishwasher for double the dishwashing power."

If you have a large family and often dirty enough dishes to fill the dishwasher each day, as well as see some overflow of dishes land in the sink, a secondary drawer-style dishwasher could help you avoid cluttered sinks and countertops and wash your dishes efficiently.

On the other hand, if your family consists of just a few people and you rarely dirty enough dishes to fill a washer, a multi-drawer dishwasher can offer you the ticket to water savings without having to wait for days until you've dirtied enough dishes to fill the washer.

Pull-Out Pantries for Ease-of-Access

Deep shelves and drawers can offer you the extra storage space you need to fit extra items in your kitchen where you can place seldom-used items at the rear and frequently used items at the front. However, accessing those items in the back can become a hassle, even if you only need them on rare occasions.

Modern kitchens can feature convenient pull-out shelves, as well as entire pantries that pull out from the wall to provide a space-saving storage option for items with a thin profile. Not only can you retrofit your current kitchen to feature these pull-out shelves, but you can also incorporate them as one of the new kitchen features in your remodeling plan.

House Logic reveals:

"Retrofitting existing cabinets with pull-outs is usually easy—most cabinets have adjustable shelves that are easily removed. If your shelving is fixed in place, however, you’ll have to consult a woodworker to see if the shelves can be taken out."

Pull-out pantries are an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen's functionality whether you're looking for a complete kitchen overhaul, or you're merely interested in some useful upgrades that will beautify your space and make cooking easier.

Other Awesome Kitchen Features

Not every kitchen will have the room for absolutely every cool feature, and you probably don't want a kitchen with that much going on as far as new devices and appliances are concerned.

A straightforward way to decide what upgrades will serve your family best is to take a look at the updates available to your family and choose the ones that make the most sense for how often they might be used, as well as their cost when added into the overall budget.

Here are some upgraded features you may wish to consider in your kitchen remodel:

  1. Double ovens for families that entertain or have several members.
  2. Farmhouse or farm-style sink for extra room and utilitarian design.
  3. Upgraded lighting to high-efficiency LED bulbs.
  4. Wood flooring as an upgrade to old linoleum.
  5. Wall space for art or functional features like knife racks.
  6. High-efficiency appliances + water-saving faucets.

Any or all of these features can help you transform your kitchen into one where meal preparation is a breeze, and the space looks as good as it functions. Working with an experienced contractor can help you figure out how many of these features will fit in your remodeled kitchen, and consulting with an architect or interior design professional can help you get the look you want in your new space.

Call Forge Hill Construction for Your Kitchen Remodel

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