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bathroom remodelThere are some amazing new features that you may include in your future bathroom remodel, whether your new space will include classic, warm features that remind you of a comfy childhood home or will feature upscale, luxurious furnishings and inventions.

Rain Shower Head

One of the most popular features in new bathrooms in recent years has been the rain shower head, which is a giant shower head of somewhere between eight and 15 inches wide that mimics the effect of standing in a rain shower (hence the name).

An article from Bob Vila’s website reveals:

"Rain shower heads can wash your entire body with a “rainfall effect” from above, as opposed to the more vertical water stream of older models. If you’ve ever been to a day spa for a treatment and were escorted to a shower afterward, that’s what a rain shower head looks and feels like."

A rain shower head in your bathroom remodel not only looks cool and modern, but it’s also an excellent way to showcase the interior of a walk-in shower (which is another modern update that has become quite popular in recent years).

Bathtub with Spa Jets

Installing a spa tub in your bathroom remodel might not be in the cards if the space will only accommodate a traditionally-sized bathtub. However, you don’t have to give up the comfort and luxury of spa jets in your bathtub. New models today come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s possible to consider spa jets in smaller bathrooms that aren’t the size of a giant luxury spa.

HGTV refers to these tubs as “whirlpool bathtubs,” and suggests it’s important to ask some questions of your bathroom remodel contractor to make sure you’re making the right choice in your bathtub hunt.

"Easing into warm water, relaxing as the jets pulse, envisioning it all right in your very own master bath... that's the fun part about choosing a whirlpool for your remodel — but it should be one of the very last steps."

Here are a few simple questions that can make sure your spa tub is an amazing feature within your new bathroom remodel:

  • How much space is available for your spa tub?
  • Can the tub fit through the existing door?
  • Is the tub too heavy for the floor?
  • Can the tub be installed in the current bathroom layout?

An experienced contractor will know to answer all of these questions and more before you even ask, which is why working with a proven remodeling partner is important in redesigning your bathroom.

Towel Warmers

There aren’t many experiences that are less enjoyable than stepping out of a bathtub or shower into the cold air of your bathroom. Proper ventilation and heated floors can reduce the likelihood of a huge temperature discrepancy between your shower space and the rest of the bathroom, and towel warmers can help you feel comfortable.

If you’re not certain towel warmers are a must for your bathroom remodel, consider what Pimp My Bathroom has to say:

"A towel warmer can be used to dry and warm up clothes as well – if you air dry your clothes, do you sometimes have a need to dry your clothes more quickly? A towel warmer can be used for that. You can also use the towel warmer to warm up that top or shirt just before you wear it, or for blankets and robes."

Imagine coming in from a wet, snowy day when the humidity is high, and the falling snow just cakes your jacket and hat. A towel warmer can help dry your clothes, and the ventilation system and fan can help remove the moisture from the air as the clothing dries.

Enjoy an Amazing Bathroom Remodel with Forge Hill Construction

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