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home renovationYou may have seen those television shows where a homeowner gets in over his or her head on a home renovation project and has to call in a professional and thought, "that'll never happen to me!" But runaway remodeling projects can happen to just about anyone, even if you're quite careful in the planning stages. Here's what you need to know about doing your remodeling on your own and knowing when to call a professional for assistance.

Bathroom Remodeling the Right Way Adds Value

A remodeled bathroom is an excellent option for improving the chances that your home will sell quickly if you decide to put it on the market. However, improving your bathroom can help you create a quite enjoyable and welcoming home, particularly if you intend on staying in the house for many years.

There are indeed some projects you can complete on your own, particularly if you're just interested in some surface improvements. After all, sometimes all your bathroom needs is some new paint, updated fixtures, and fancy new towels. However, any project that requires some plumbing work, hacking into the wall of the bathroom, or ripping out the entire bathtub to replace it probably needs a professional's help.

There's a fair amount of difference between replacing the faucets in your bathroom and actually relocating the pipes to accommodate a new layout for your bathroom. If you're not sure about the level of expertise required for your project, a quick consultation with a professional should help you figure out the best strategy.

Remember: When taking on a large project, a significant delay in completion may cost you more in time and the overall budget than having a professional contractor assist.

Also: Consider the budget of your DIY project versus the speedier timeline of the contractor when choosing a path to home renovation.

The Size of Your Kitchen Remodel Should Influence Your Choice of Contractor

Performing a major home renovation is virtually always going to go more smoothly when you allow a professional to perform the work. From measuring new cabinets to improving, changing, or updating the plumbing, a kitchen remodel is difficult because it can feature so many different areas of expertise.

Fully gutting a kitchen and redoing it completely requires knowledge of the electrical system, the plumbing system, woodwork and stonework for the cabinets and countertops, floor installation, and various other areas.

BuzzFeed offers some advice on a few projects that you can probably take on yourself:

  • Paint or swap out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.
  • Use contact paper and gaffer's tape to make your toe kick pop.
  • Use a roll of chalkboard paper to make a custom measuring chart.
  • Make your backsplash shine.
  • You could even re-do your backsplash with floor tiles.

Each of these projects – as well as many others you could try to improve the look of your kitchen – is something that just scratches the surface of kitchen remodeling. Switching the knobs on your cabinets (maybe even re-staining them) is something you can accomplish with some creativity and a few hours on the weekend.

On the other hand, ripping those cabinets off the walls and replacing them in their entirety is a much larger project where a contractor would have a much easier time measuring, ordering, installing, and finishing the process.

Consider: When you attempt a major renovation on your own, you invariably face a longer timeline than if you worked with a contractor. Can you live without a fully functioning kitchen for a year and a half while you renovate your own kitchen versus a couple months (if that) with a contractor at the helm of the project?

Try Your Next Home Renovation Project With Forge Hill Construction, Inc.

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