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home office renovationSome have referred to the internet as the "great equalizer" in that it has allowed legions of fledgling business owners to consider a home office renovation rather than the purchase of a commercial space.

However, the convenience of a home office may decline over time as a small business grows and requires new employees, updated equipment, and space. Asking yourself: is it time to move into a commercial space, or should I consider home office renovation?" is a good place to start if your business has started experiencing growing pains.

Benefits of a Home Office

In some cases, a home office may remain the best location for your business well into its operational years since some businesses don't require specialized equipment, an ever-growing number of on-site employees, or space to store inventory. For example, a consultant may perform most of his or her work at the buildings that house the businesses with which he works.

On the other hand, a small business built on the idea of a new invention may eventually require machinery capable of manufacturing the invention so that the company no longer needs to have another manufacturer make the product. Bringing production under the same roof as design and development can save money and increase profits; it's often something that requires a dedicated commercial space rather than a simple garage or a small home office.

Consider: If you own a small business that uses a separate company for manufacturing purposes, you may consider the time at which you'd begin manufacturing on your own a far-off possibility. However, business owners that consider the future and plan for it end up best equipped to handle a changing economy.

Paste Magazine offers some insight on the value of creating a dedicated space for work in your home:

"Find a space in your home that is dedicated to work. It could be a simple as a corner of your room or transforming your den into an office. It is important to have a place that is reserved for working. "

Deciding on Home Office Renovation

If you feel certain your small business won't require its own, dedicated space within the next five years, you may wish to consider an upgrade to your home office. Renovating a home office can help you increase your usable space, enhance the value of your home, and increase the level of your productivity.

Although you may certainly use various "life hacks" to transform your home office into a more efficient space, serious work may require the assistance of a designer, architect and/or contractor. A designer or home renovation company with experience in commercial remodeling can bring a unique perspective to home office renovation.

Some of the design and renovation elements you'll want to consider as you create your new office space include:

  • Lighting – Ensure your space receives ample natural light and avoids the institutional look of fluorescent lights like you might find in a traditional office. Work comfortably in your home office with lighting that's comfortable for your eyes and appropriate for spending time looking at a computer screen.
  • Color and Materials – You can improve a home office in a few hours with a new coat of paint, but a true renovation should consider the overall array of colors used, as well as the materials and surfaces present in the space. Warm browns and lush greens can create an upscale and professional look to your new home office.
  • Furniture – If you're serious about your home office, it's time to move beyond the furniture you put together yourself and consider heirloom pieces that will last you decades. A beautiful and well-made desk can add legitimacy and permanence to your home office.
  • Location – Using the kitchen table for your home office is only appropriate for a short time before you may need the peace and quiet of a dedicated office space (and you'll receive a bigger tax deduction from dedicating a space to your home office). Will you finish the basement for your home office? Perhaps turn a bedroom into your new office space?
  • Connections – Do you live in a home built before 1980? You may run the risk of blowing a circuit if your home office will feature a half-dozen pieces of electronics. Speak with your contractor about upgrading your electrical system so it can give you the power you need.

Build Your New Home Office or Choose a Commercial Space with Forge Hill Construction

Whether you're upgrading your home office or looking into renovating a commercial space, Forge Hill can help! Our expertise in home renovation, commercial space renovation, and all aspects of modern construction will help you design the best space for your business. We've been renovating and remodeling since 1987, and we'd love to use our expertise to assist in your project. Contact us or call Forge Hill Construction today at 1-973-627-2811 to learn more about our company and how we can begin turning your renovation and construction ideas into reality.