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commercial constructionAs you navigate the complex waters of owning a business, you may reach a point where purchasing a new property would help your business grow, expand, or improve. In most cases, you have the choice of purchasing land where you can build a new commercial structure or a property where an existing building stands and you can conduct commercial remodeling.

New Commercial Construction May Cost You Time & Money

Any project that features new construction or a major remodel will take some of your time from your business. Whether you're the owner of the business, or you're the individual tasked with the responsibility of seeing the building project through to its completion, you'll need to spend some time working with the construction company to make sure everything is proceeding on an appropriate timeline.

A Canadian building organization advises:

"The sheer scale of a construction project demands a major commitment from any entrepreneur. Keep in mind that the time and energy invested in constructing a building could also be put into the business itself. Even if you hire a project manager to oversee the job, you'll still need to be involved in daily decision-making, and that will inevitably mean more time away from daily operations."

You may find it more advantageous to engage in a commercial remodeling project rather than new construction since your remodeling project may require less of your time. It's helpful to choose a commercial remodeling company that can take the reins of your project and lead it to its conclusion without a significant amount of oversight from you or someone in your company.

Build "Green" If you Build New

Remodeling and new construction are each ideal projects during which to install eco-friendly machines, as well as use renewable and recyclable materials.

According to the government's ENERGY STAR program, it's important to conduct an effective energy analysis when building a commercial structure.

"The goal is not to model the perfect building but to model a realistic building. The "perfect building” scenario could receive a high 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score, but may not accurately reflect real-life activity and energy use of the building. It’s better for the design team to use a realistic simulation to gain confidence that the design can achieve Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR recognition and other goals."

The energy analysis may include information about the building size, number of workers, hours of operation, location, and the design of the HVAC system, lighting systems, and equipment efficiency.

Make Sure Permits are Good

It should go without saying for veteran building owners who have engaged in commercial remodeling in the past, but one of the biggest factors that can impact the success of a project is whether all the permits have been set accordingly.

Handyman Matters reveals:

"Depending on where the building is located, there could be permits that you’ll need before starting any type of major renovation project. Permits could hinge on whether or not the work is interior or exterior, among other factors. Be sure to double check that you have all permits that you need before you get started to avoid running into complications."

An experienced contractor will have no problem securing the permits required, and your construction or remodeling company should be able to share information about the permits necessary to complete the project.

Call Forge Hill Construction for Your Commercial Remodeling Project

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