Paying for Home Remodeling Projects

Paying for home remodeling projects can cost a little, or it can cost a lot, but there are many benefits. Remodeling your home may increase its value, and the process may also improve the overall enjoyment you receive in living there. Some remodeling projects are relatively easy to pay for and require just a few months or [...]

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Second Story Addition vs Main Level Addition

Second Story Addition PlansOnce you determine that your family needs more space, you begin weighing your options. Moving to an existing home could be an option but older homes can come with a laundry list of renovation items. Building a custom home [...]

How Big of a House do I Need?

How Big of a House do I need?In recent years the trend in home building has been, the bigger the better. People often ask, how big of a house do I need? Over the years we have seen a trend where houses are getting bigger but families are getting [...]

How to Remodel Your Commercial Space or Office

Mention the word remodeling, and most people instantly think about that updated kitchen or bathroom they’d love to have. Even business owners don’t necessarily know that commercial and office spaces need the same renovation love as their homes!

With the amount of foot traffic and inevitable wear [...]

Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

Don't fall into common design mistakes

Don't fall into common design mistakes when building your custom home.

Newly built neighborhoods today commonly feature just a few different floor plans and leave very little to the imagination. While these [...]