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Remodeling for More Space in Your Home

remodeling for more spaceA family can outgrow a small home and feel that a move to a new house is the only solution, but there are some simple options for remodeling for more space to make the house feel less cramped.

Remodeling can take the form of [...]

Home Office Renovation Benefits

home office renovationSome have referred to the internet as the "great equalizer" in that it has allowed legions of fledgling business owners to consider a home office renovation rather than the purchase of a commercial space.

However, the convenience of a home office may decline over time [...]

Second Story Addition vs Main Level Addition

Second Story Addition PlansOnce you determine that your family needs more space, you begin weighing your options. Moving to an existing home could be an option but older homes can come with a laundry list of renovation items. Building a custom home [...]

Adding Extra Bedrooms or Bathrooms to Your Home

adding-extra-bedrooms-or-bathrooms-to-your-homeWhat do you do when your family outgrows your home? Do you just move?

What if you love your neighborhood and aren't interested in the hassle of picking up your family and moving to a new house?

Adding a bedroom and/or bathroom to your home is one way [...]

Why Should You Build an Addition on Your Home?

build an additionRemodeling may help you use your home more efficiently and gain a little space, but you'll get actual bonus square footage when you choose to build an addition. There are several reasons building an addition can transform your home and a variety of factors will influence the [...]

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Home Addition Ideas for Your New Jersey House

Home Addition Ideas for Your New Jersey HouseWhen your home isn't big enough, or you're missing an essential feature in your home like a master bathroom or a large kitchen, you may want to consider looking at home addition ideas instead of assuming the only way [...]

Aging in Place and New Bathrooms

aging in placeA new bathroom provides convenience and value to the home, but many homeowners today are looking at a new bathroom as a way to improve "Aging in Place" options in the home. Aging in Place means that a homeowner will remain in his or [...]

Building an Addition on Your Home

building an additionThe addition of a new baby to the home or the prospect of extended family moving in might mean you need to start thinking about whether to buy a bigger home or expand upon the space that's in [...]