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Building a New Home or Renovating

building a new homeBuilding a new home is an exciting project for your family, and it's an excellent way to get more space for your family. The average size of a house built today far exceeds the average you might have seen several decades ago. The [...]

What You Need to Know to Build a Custom Home

build a custom homeWhen you build a custom home, you can fulfill your every wish in design and function without having to deal with a master bathroom that doesn't have a bathtub or an old garage that won't fit your large, modern SUV. While buying a [...]

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How Big of a House do I Need?

How Big of a House do I need?In recent years the trend in home building has been, the bigger the better. People often ask, how big of a house do I need? Over the years we have seen a trend where houses are getting bigger but families are getting [...]

Building Your Custom Home: 11 Steps

The search for your ultimate dream home often feels like a Quixotic endeavor; a romantic quest that is ultimately unreasonable or impossible.

It’s not hard to explain why. The sad truth is that none of the homes you see on the market are going to meet ALL [...]

Why Remodeling Isn’t Always the Answer

As remodelers, this probably isn't a topic you'd expect us to cover.

However, there are definitly projects we come across where a remodel just won't cut it. Some homes are just too far gone! In these cases it often makes more sense to tear down the home [...]

Why Should You Build a Custom Home?

Are you ready to move or take the plunge and buy rather than rent?

You'e probably been on one of the infinite number for real estate websites looking for the perfect home in the right location.

It's hard, right? There's always something wrong with each home, whether it's [...]