commercial remodeling

New Commercial Construction Versus Commercial Remodeling Existing Property

commercial constructionAs you navigate the complex waters of owning a business, you may reach a point where purchasing a new property would help your business grow, expand, or improve. In most cases, you have the choice of purchasing land where you can build a new commercial [...]

Home Office Renovation Benefits

home office renovationSome have referred to the internet as the "great equalizer" in that it has allowed legions of fledgling business owners to consider a home office renovation rather than the purchase of a commercial space.

However, the convenience of a home office may decline over time [...]

How to Plan a Commercial Renovation

commercial remodelingIs your business location in need of commercial renovations? From minor facelifts to major construction work, you can choose many different ways to improve the quality of your business by improving the building in which you operate. With planning and assistance from a commercial contractor, [...]

Commercial Remodeling for Your New Jersey Business

Commercial Remodeling for Your New Jersey BusinessMoving into a new commercial building may help you expand your business and take a greater share of the market, but commercial remodeling may offer an equally beneficial improvement to your company. Often, a business owner must make sacrifices in [...]

How to Approach Commercial Renovation

How to Approach Commercial RenovationWhen you purchase a property for your business, you may need to update the space and install new equipment, particularly if your business is in a different industry than the business that last occupied the building. Very rarely can a commercial space [...]

Buying Commercial Property for Your Retail Business

Buying Commercial Property for Your Retail BusinessMaking the right decision when it comes to purchasing property for your retail business means "shopping" like a business person rather than a future homeowner. If you have limited experience with commercial property, it's important to know what to look [...]

Real Estate Investment and Commercial Remodeling

commercial remodelingRemodeling is a word often associated with private homes and HGTV projects, but it's also a concept that impacts commercial real estate investors and business owners who want to expand or upgrade. Interestingly, many of the same questions and [...]