bathroom remodeling

Why It’s a Great Time for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelYour bathroom remodel may take many forms, from a huge and total transformation to a minor update with a few water-efficient fixtures and a new coat of paint. Whether you're aiming for the sky or something a little closer to earth, there are many reasons [...]

When Your Home Renovation Project Gets Out of Hand

home renovationYou may have seen those television shows where a homeowner gets in over his or her head on a home renovation project and has to call in a professional and thought, "that'll never happen to me!" But runaway remodeling projects can happen to just about [...]

Include These Neat Features in Your Next Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelThere are some amazing new features that you may include in your future bathroom remodel, whether your new space will include classic, warm features that remind you of a comfy childhood home or will feature upscale, luxurious furnishings and inventions.

Rain Shower Head

One of the most [...]

Where to Spend Money in Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelWhen you decide to upgrade a room of your home with a remodel, one of the most extensive projects you can choose is a bathroom remodel. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend on your project, it's important to choose wisely when creating [...]

The Best Remodeling Projects for Selling a Home

selling a homeAccepting a job in a different state, moving in with a significant other, or adding a member to the family might mean it's time to think about selling a home. You'll need to consider what improvements and remodeling projects will offer the best return-on-investment. [...]

Designing a New Bathroom from the Ground Up

Designing a New Bathroom from the Ground UpWhen you remodel your bathroom, the size of the project may range from a minor update of the surface features of the room (like faucets, flooring, and fixtures) to a completely remodeled space. With a new bathroom, you may [...]

Awesome Updates Your Bathroom Remodel Needs

Awesome Updates Your Bathroom Remodel NeedsA bathroom remodel project is a chance to modernize your home, as well as improve the appearance and feel of your bathroom. The bathroom is a place we go every day for multiple reasons, and it's important that the room is efficient, modern, [...]

Finding Space in Your Small Bathroom

Finding Space in Your Small BathroomDo you hit your shin on the side of the toilet every time you get out of the shower? Does your bathroom look smaller than a closet? Don't panic! There are quite a few ways to approach your bathroom renovation when [...]