Bob Kovacs

About Bob Kovacs

Bob Kovacs, principal of Forge Hill Construction Inc., is the 5th generation in the construction industry. Bob started his own construction company in 1987 and has an extensive background in carpentry, construction and development. These work experiences have created a portfolio, which range from complex commercial structures to trendy popular restaurants and from beautiful and spacious custom and spec homes to simpler additions and renovations.

Paying for Home Remodeling Projects

Paying for home remodeling projects can cost a little, or it can cost a lot, but there are many benefits. Remodeling your home may increase its value, and the process may also improve the overall enjoyment you receive in living there. Some remodeling projects are relatively easy to pay for and require just a few months or [...]

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Remodeling for More Space in Your Home

remodeling for more spaceA family can outgrow a small home and feel that a move to a new house is the only solution, but there are some simple options for remodeling for more space to make the house feel less cramped.

Remodeling can take the form of [...]

What to Ask Your Home Remodeling Contractor

home remodeling contractorWorking with an experienced home remodeling contractor will ensure the process of updating your home or business proceeds as smoothly as possible. However, it's important to be prepared with questions when you interview prospective home remodelers, as well as to gain some basic understanding [...]

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Small Kitchen Renovations Versus Large Kitchen Renovations

kitchen renovationsKitchen renovations often feature some of the most exciting technology and beautiful features available in modern homes, but there are many ways to redo a kitchen.

Some kitchen renovations may only upgrade the surface features or replace the major appliances and fixtures. Larger renovations might change [...]

Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Home

time to renovateSometimes it's obvious that it's time to renovate a home, and it might even hit the market as a "fixer upper" where the new owner must commit thousands of dollars to create a habitable space. However, not all renovation projects stem from such obvious [...]

New Commercial Construction Versus Commercial Remodeling Existing Property

commercial constructionAs you navigate the complex waters of owning a business, you may reach a point where purchasing a new property would help your business grow, expand, or improve. In most cases, you have the choice of purchasing land where you can build a new commercial [...]

Must-Have Kitchen Features for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen featuresFinding the must-have kitchen features for your kitchen remodel means conducting a little research into the type of features that may benefit your family most, the overall budget you have for the project, and whether you might sell your home in the future.

From surface features [...]

What to Do With the Extra Room in Your House

extra roomIf you're lucky enough to live in a spacious home with an extra room, you have many options for creating a useful, fun, or productive place in your house. From playrooms to home offices, extra rooms afford you the option of remodeling the space to [...]

Building a New Home or Renovating

building a new homeBuilding a new home is an exciting project for your family, and it's an excellent way to get more space for your family. The average size of a house built today far exceeds the average you might have seen several decades ago. The [...]

Remodeling Vs. Renovation. What’s the Difference?

remodeling vs. renovationYou may see the terms "remodel" and "renovate" used interchangeably on various websites that provide information about updating and repairing homes and businesses but is there a difference between remodeling vs. renovation? A general phrase used by television personalities is "home improvement," and it's [...]