Bob Kovacs

About Bob Kovacs

Bob Kovacs, principal of Forge Hill Construction Inc., is the 5th generation in the construction industry. Bob started his own construction company in 1987 and has an extensive background in carpentry, construction and development. These work experiences have created a portfolio, which range from complex commercial structures to trendy popular restaurants and from beautiful and spacious custom and spec homes to simpler additions and renovations.

Save on Your Home Remodel With These Simple Steps

remodeling budgetMaximizing your investment on your home remodeling budget means investing in the right areas and avoiding common mistakes that can lead to a hemorrhaging bottom line and out-of-control spending. You can save money whether your future home renovation is a small plan with just a [...]

Include These Neat Features in Your Next Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelThere are some amazing new features that you may include in your future bathroom remodel, whether your new space will include classic, warm features that remind you of a comfy childhood home or will feature upscale, luxurious furnishings and inventions.

Rain Shower Head

One of the most [...]

Home Office Renovation Benefits

home office renovationSome have referred to the internet as the "great equalizer" in that it has allowed legions of fledgling business owners to consider a home office renovation rather than the purchase of a commercial space.

However, the convenience of a home office may decline over time [...]

Second Story Addition vs Main Level Addition

Second Story Addition PlansOnce you determine that your family needs more space, you begin weighing your options. Moving to an existing home could be an option but older homes can come with a laundry list of renovation items. Building a custom home [...]

How Big of a House do I Need?

How Big of a House do I need?In recent years the trend in home building has been, the bigger the better. People often ask, how big of a house do I need? Over the years we have seen a trend where houses are getting bigger but families are getting [...]

Building Your Custom Home: 11 Steps

The search for your ultimate dream home often feels like a Quixotic endeavor; a romantic quest that is ultimately unreasonable or impossible.

It’s not hard to explain why. The sad truth is that none of the homes you see on the market are going to meet ALL [...]

Why Remodeling Isn’t Always the Answer

As remodelers, this probably isn't a topic you'd expect us to cover.

However, there are definitly projects we come across where a remodel just won't cut it. Some homes are just too far gone! In these cases it often makes more sense to tear down the home [...]

How to Remodel Your Commercial Space or Office

Mention the word remodeling, and most people instantly think about that updated kitchen or bathroom they’d love to have. Even business owners don’t necessarily know that commercial and office spaces need the same renovation love as their homes!

With the amount of foot traffic and inevitable wear [...]

Why Should You Build a Custom Home?

Are you ready to move or take the plunge and buy rather than rent?

You'e probably been on one of the infinite number for real estate websites looking for the perfect home in the right location.

It's hard, right? There's always something wrong with each home, whether it's [...]

Where to Spend Money in Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelWhen you decide to upgrade a room of your home with a remodel, one of the most extensive projects you can choose is a bathroom remodel. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend on your project, it's important to choose wisely when creating [...]