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home remodeling contractorWorking with an experienced home remodeling contractor will ensure the process of updating your home or business proceeds as smoothly as possible. However, it's important to be prepared with questions when you interview prospective home remodelers, as well as to gain some basic understanding of common remodeling practices.

A little knowledge can go a long way in helping you choose the best contractor for your project, as well as to make sure the final result meets your standards. Here are some questions you may want to ask your home remodeler during your free consultation or when you make the initial phone call for more information about their services.

Are You Licensed and Insured? How about Inspections and Permits?

It's best to get these basic questions out of the way at the very beginning of your conversation with your home remodeler. Not only should your contractor have all licenses as required by your state, but they should also have insurance coverage.

Home Advisor offers some excellent advice on insurance coverage for contractors:

"Asking a contractor if he’s insured isn’t as telling as seeing how he is insured. Contractors should have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance specifically for the type of job they perform. Taking a look at certificates of insurance will give you the peace of mind that he’s not insured in an entirely different capacity than the job you’re hiring him for."

Trustworthy contractors will provide all the official information you seek without hesitation. Experienced remodeling companies are used to maintaining their licenses each year, as well as knowledgeable about obtaining permits and ensuring projects are "up to code."

What is Your Payment Schedule for Home Remodeling Projects?

One of the features of the contract you will eventually sign with your contractor is the schedule for payment. Some projects are small enough that full payment is completed in one step, but other projects are large enough that a payment schedule may be a good idea.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau recommends arranging to pay a down payment rather than the full price on a major project:

"Try to arrange a low down-payment and only pay the contractor according to how much work has been completed. Do not make the final payment until the job is completed and the final project meets your standards. Always pay with either a credit card or check, never cash."

Additionally, it's important that you only sign a contract when you're ready and that you don't work with a home remodeling contractor who tries to push you into signing a contract before you've fully investigated your options.

What's the Timeline for Completion?

Much of the discussion that occurs before a project starts is estimates of the cost and schedule. Modern software affords contractors excellent opportunities for creating exacting schedules, but there is always the possibility of delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clarifying the expected timeline for completion can help you schedule your project when it's convenient for your family, as well as to weed out contractors who promise a suspiciously short timeline and a price that seems "too good to be true."

Tip: As you research your prospective home remodeling contractor, remember that outliers can mean trouble. The estimates of time, cost, and other factors should be relatively uniform amongst your potential contractors.

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